Introduction :

Centuries and half centuries has often been the limelight of the cricket game held in India and the players chosen and restructured in order to represent or above all to represent the country. There was a person who scored the fastest and the first one to score a century in the season of IPL. So, who was the first Indian batsman to score an ipl century? The name of this great individual is Manish Pandey.  Manish truly burst onto the world stage when he took RCB to the knockouts as a teenager with a blistering 114 off just 73 balls. The IPL was being held outside the country for the first time in the rainbow nation of South Africa and Manish Pandey etched his name in the record books forever by becoming the first Indian to score a century in this lucrative league. He holded the age group of a teenager by age who quacked off as the 114 runs claimed as not out above all to grew and grind up the Royal Challengers Bangalore to close a run count of twelve victory against the Deccan Chargers and also qualified into the semifinals concerning to the same on the particular day of Thursday held. 

He bore the age count of just 19 years old and he never stirred or played off the matches for the RCB group. He just aided his team to get up hands with the jump of the Deccan hunch in the position of third when they all could not make it to it in the previous year. 

Elucidation :

The young Pandey has just cleared off the thing out of any sort of or as a result of obscurity of a boundary and limit count of ten and also a six and hit up of four when he was given 73 balls thrown in the system when RCB was at the hunch of 170 – 4.The RCB after this stopped off the opposing team or the group that is the Deccan in the halt of 158 – 6 within a game held in the IPL of 20 overs. He addressed that he just achieved a golden opportunity to begin as an inner and therefore I will show it and also prove it above all to extract out the most of the same. He also added the wicket he took was a bit or more often a bit tough and rough to take off which was a good thing as the ball moved forward in the right direction. That was just mesmerising and I felt great, he said. 

Also, the mentor of the group of the Deccan had just praised the young Pandey who is only the second position holder of the IPL held in the particular year of 2009 when post the assessment from the side of Delhi towards AB de Valliers. 

List of youngest players who scored century in IPL

Here is the list of youngest players who scored centuries in IPL and the first one that stands on the first position is Manish Pandey with 114 runs in 73 balls and the list goes on. 

Players name




Manish Pandey

19 years

114 off 73 balls


Rishabh Pant

20 years

128 off 63 balls


Devdutt Padikkal

20 years

101 off 52 balls


Sanju Samson

22 years

102 off 63 balls


Quinton de Kock

23 years

108 off 53 balls


Conclusion of Who was the first Indian batsman to score an ipl century?

The teenager, Manish Pandey had great determination towards his game and just flourished off the floor with his amazing batting and playing skills in the past or the previous year. Huge personalities greeted as well as applauded him for the same. Hats off to the teen child for such a great achievement.



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