Introduction :

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne’s triumph with the diamond-studded IPL 2008 trophy. He single handedly bit only was just the mentor of the team of the Rajasthan Royals and brought them to the edge of the or basically in a position of a win win. Additionally, he too planked up his name in the history line of the whole period of the IPL concerning which is the sole reason existing that he uplifted the said trophy that us namely the Diamond Studded trophy in or within the IPL, in the particular year of 2008 award. 

Explaination of Which captain lifted the diamond ipl 2008 trophy

The protagonist known as Shane Warne, is particularly and specifically famous and popularised for his skills in the area of the  bowling as well as the came and felt the world of cricket playing in the particular year of 2007.But, his deepening interest and potential over the gameplay has paved him the way to carry up the double designation of both the leader as well as the mentor for the group or the team of the Rajasthan Royals. He combined off his huge experience line plus his tactfully working nature of the acumen,and also purchased the personality which is portrayed by the group magnetically, which provides them with a specific shape of a formidable individual in the team which is against them playing. 

Information about Shane Warne

Shane Warne is known as the best bowler of the cricket, who was got retirement from international cricket in 2007. During the IPL season he became the coach and the captain both for the Rajasthan Royals team. He gave his experience of years and magnetic personality to his team that shaped into a worthy one.

Conclusion on Which captain lifted the diamond studded ipl 2008 trophy?

When the match reached the final zone, there was a hunch of excitement over the whole audience arriving in the stadium for the craze . There were just 3 wickets present and Rajasthan Royals just astonishingly won, and got the victory in the title of the particular year of 2008 tournament. He just took home the trophy which was a proud moment for him as well as for the whole group that is the team namely the Rajasthan Royals.



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