Introduction :

Over the world of cricket, there occur many such awful cricketers who hitted off the boundary and made a six which were too long over the projectile curve and covered a huge area of metres. So, the Longest six in cricket history 173 meters. But, the longest free six recorded till date, was if an area count of 173 meters was named after the cricketer Shahid Afridi. The hit by his bat which he did for the purpose of striking a six, was the biggest of 173 m and at that time he was playing with the opponent team which belonged or represented the country of South Africa. The bowling was done by the great bowler of Africa namely Ryan Mclaren in the particular year of 2013.

The exceptional hitting of the six, right after the process which was simultaneously done one after the other is not possible for every cricketer on the base. That is not everyone’s cup of team. The cricketer was namely of Pakistani origin and represented the origin of a Pakistan-based entity. He officially holds the record for the longest six. It was the One-day International count of the count of three right at the venue of Johannesburg on the seventeenth day of the third month of the particular year of 2013.

Explaination of Longest six in cricket history 173 meters

The six emerged in the place of the over count of thirty five. It was right the fourth ball of the 35th over. Afridi has done the hit against the ball given by Ryan Mclaren right for the host of 12 runs in order or above all the four deliveries. He disposed off a pressure of mounting, Mclaren scattered off surplus runs of a count of two prior to proceeding for a six. 

He gave a landing or a short formation of length ball, and the prior pakistani captain gave it a free hit out if the stadium trembling and just went. He again holded the record of fastest ine day international based gma run of hundred, and made 88 runs off throwing 48 balls , who set an objective of 344 which was formed by the group of the South African team. Lastly, Pakistan was defeated though. 

Conclusion :

The six was thrattled by the ICC books of the kine holding a height if metre of 120 metres. This was Longest six in cricket history 173 meters recorded till date and no other cricketer can till now break this record and form a much heightened six till now. Hoping to break this record soon which will be brought in by some other great cricketer someday in the near future.

FAQs about Longest six in cricket history 173 meters

Q1. Who hit longets six in world cup 2023?

Ans. Daryl Mitchell’s 107 meter six against India in semifinals is his longest six hit in the entire ODI World cup.

Q2. Which Indian Player hit the longest six in cricket history?

Ans. Yuvraj singh is the popular player who hit longest six of 119 meters.

Q3. Who hit longest six in T20 Cricket history?

Ans. Martin Guptill’s 127 meter six against south africa still attracts multiple cricket fans. 



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