As multiple Trails Carolina Horror Stories began circulating nationwide, parents have since lost their faith in wilderness therapies. Perhaps, what happened in the trail camp specifically was far from expectations. And although the investigation is ongoing, there’s very little transparency and accountability. Moreover, Trails Carolina has denied any allegations to retain the innocence. Yet what went on for all these years in the camp is unimaginable. 

Trails Carolina horror stories 

Wilderness therapy programs are known to operate for teenagers in need of help. One such program is the Trail Carolina camp based in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Surprisingly, this camp was unlike any authentic camp and eventually got called out for the implementation of ill protocols. Many victims have now stood up against the devilish moves of Trails Carolina, with the greatest words coming from Linda, a former employee. 

As per reports, the first disturbing factor is the harsh employee treatment and staff that failed to exhibit professionalism in any way. More precisely, some staff members were extremely heartless and deliberately served fewer meal portions to participants. There were also such ignorant staff members who cared very little and dared to deny medical attention. 

trails carolina “investigation”

The trails Carolina aimed to give a helpful environment to the youngsters of the youth in their physical and mental growth.but, the programme got several allegations. In response of that an investigation was held by the North Carolina Department of health and human services, in which they have focused on several topics that are mentioned below:

  1. Confirmation of allegations or abuses that are filed on trials in Carolina such as mistreatment, neglecting physical and emotional support and others. The investigators tried to find the proof of these wrongdoings.
  2. Examining the practices of the programme with the aim of ensuring the safety and well being of all present and past participants.
  3. Investigators investigated the programme to get the answers of claims or violation of any legal standard. 
  4. Suggesting the necessary changes and improvements in the programme. 

When the investigation was ongoing then the investigators got some results where in the first investigation the Trails Carolina was failing to report about the abuses and in the second investigation various violations were uncovered such as health and safety, hygiene, medical health and others.

Trails Carolina Horror Stories — allegations after allegations 

Trails Carolina Horror Stories

A person, who volunteered in the past, alleged that she was punched and injured by an employee without any valid reason. One more ex-volunteer shared her side and mentioned that she was forced to run nonstop, due to which she eventually passed out. According to both the volunteers, mental and physical abuse in the camp was more than common. 

Even hiking as a part of the program was challenging. That is, participants who injured themselves while hiking were straight away denied any medical care. A more excruciating story comes from another girl who said her mentor made her hike even as she was ill. Eventually, it became evident that employees of the camp were severely problematic. As such, they have been accused of intentionally harming participants in multiple accounts. 

A few accusations also highlighted the issue of humiliation, coming from employees who took joy in publicly making fun and threatening the participants. Even sanitation wasn’t well taken care of and there was a lack of basic hygiene rules, according to some participants. And to top it off, the outdoor conditions were pathetic. The location of the camp was such that wild animals would often linger around, and the camp management did nothing to curb the issue. 


Trails Carolina Horror Stories have been sent for investigation, and NCDHHS is now involved. Meanwhile, Trail Carolina doesn’t agree to any of the allegations and rather, suggests that every story is a way to hamper the reputation. But seeing the mass allegations, the actuality seems to be otherwise. Nevertheless, parents have begun losing hope in such wilderness therapy programs. The faith is now shattered and only time can heal it, provided such programmes offer more transparency and accountability. 

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