A game that almost everyone enjoys, 8 ball pool requires accuracy, precision, and a little bit of strategy to win. There are many games available for you to play right now in the iMessage store, but nothing compares to the oldies.

For those who are new, 8 Ball Pool is a game in which, as the name suggests, 8 balls are split into stripes and solids. Whoever pockets the first ball must remain with that particular group throughout the entire game and must pocket every ball before their rival.

Your opponent is free to place their ball anywhere on the board in this scenario; however, the cue ball must not directly contact their ball. Hitting your opponent’s ball indirectly is also a foul. The first person to correctly pocket every ball wins the game. 

Install an 8 Ball Pool By Downloading It From The iMessage Store.

You must first download the “GamePigeon” software, which includes a variety of other games, in order to download and install the 8 Ball Pool game on your iPhone.

  • To achieve this, open the ‘Messages app on your iOS device’s home screen.
  • Next, tap any conversation head that appears in the “Messages” app.
  • Next, tap the “App Store” icon, which is a gray square at the bottom of the screen.
  • The iMessage app store will then open in an overlay window after you press on the blue “App Store” symbol located on the app bar.
  • Next, click the “Search” button located in the overlay window’s upper right corner.
  • Now, enter “game pigeon” into the search box and press “Search” on your keyboard’s bottom right corner.
  • Next, select the “Get” button located on the “GamePigeon” tile. Next, enter your Apple ID credentials using your preferred method of login.

How To Start An 8-Ball Pool Game With Your Friends? 

       It’s time to start playing a game with a loved one after downloading the “GamePigeon”                                                      software to your iOS device:    

  • To achieve this, open the ‘Messages app on your iOS device’s home screen.
  • Next, tap the game’s dialogue head for the player you want to play with. If not, the “Messages” app’s upper right corner has a “Compose” button.
  • Locate the app bar that is on top of your keyboard after you are in conversation view and scroll it sideways. The list of games will then appear after you tap the “GamePigeon” icon.
  • Next, pick “8 Ball” from the menu by clicking the grid that displays on your screen.
  • Tap one of the options given under “GAME MODE” to select the game mode. The “8 Ball” option is the normal game mode, whereas the “8 Ball+” option just doubles the number of balls in your game to prolong gameplay.
  • Next, decide which degree of difficulty you prefer. In the “Normal” option, the ball you try to strike will be projected down a route; however, the “Hard” difficulty level will not offer you aim assistance.
  • You can further customize your cue stick by tapping the “CUSTOMIZE” tile adjacent to the “GAME MODE” area. However, practically all of the available options can only be accessed through in-app purchases for the app.
  • Enter your message and click “Send” to invite your acquaintance to a game of “8 Ball Pool.”

How To Play 8 Ball Pool & Invite?

  • The other person gets to go first because you extended the invitation.
  • Tap on the “YOUR MOVE” tile to begin your turn when your adversary has finished.
  • Now, line the cue ball’s course with the target ball by dragging your finger laterally across the screen. After that, tap the cue ball picture that can be seen on the right side of the pool table. The cue ball image will then display on your screen as an overlay.
  • To change the red dot-indicated hitting location of the cue on the ball after that, tap the cue ball. This gives you greater control over your cue ball after you’ve struck it. 
  • Then look for the “cue stick” icon on the left side of the pool board. Once you have the proper power for the shot, release the stick by tapping-holding and dragging your finger downward.
  • Each player will have their own group of balls to pocket once they have each pocketed a ball. Your player icon will have your group type next to it.
  • A cross mark on the opponent’s ball indicates that it is not yours to pocket if you aim for it. 
  • You obtain the ball in hand if your opponent hits your group of balls or pockets the cue ball during their turn, which effectively gives you control over where the cue ball goes for your subsequent turn.
  • Additionally, if any player pockets the “8” (black) ball even incidentally throughout the game, they lose immediately and the opposing player takes home the victory.
  • The game is won by the one who can collect all of their group balls the quickest.


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